Ex-constable Claire Church has fled her past by escaping to the remote Western Isles. But no matter how far she runs, she can’t escape the shadows cast by her history, and as decadesold bodies are unearthed on a Manchester building site, the darkness threatens to fracture her life once more. DCI John Hind suspects the bodies are connected to a case from 1998: women that were reported missing, but few cared about…apart from his former protégé, Claire. Hind realises there’s only one option – he must reconnect with Claire. John’s reappearance in her life rocks Claire, threatening her seemingly idyllic, but fragile, life. Desperate, John appeals to Claire’s conscience to help him catch the killer. Torn between her desire to help those women, and her fear of losing her sense of self, Claire must choose a path. All she really wants is peace, but with the past bleeding into the present, Claire can’t hide – especially when a new body is discovered carrying a message for her future.